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Tennis Hot Shots tournaments are one-off events, often completed within a couple of hours. Everyone is guaranteed to get lots of games with the play formats simpler and faster than conventional Junior tournaments.


There is plenty of variety, but Hot Shots tournaments are typically run in divisions by ability, with mixed genders and no age limits nor age groupings. Some events focus on a single colour Hot Shots format, while others offer choice of two or three formats. Adults do also play in some events.

Most events are run at clubs. Tennis Canterbury run the “Canterbury Junior Championships” with red 8U and orange 9U grades to mark the end of the summer season.

Entry procedures vary but are usually simple and are detailed in our calendar. Entries typically close a day or two before the event and event organizers are usually prepared also to accept some on-site (on-the-day) entries before play starts.

Ask at your club if they are planning to hold a Hot Shots Tournament this season and get them to register it on the Tennis Canterbury website calendar.


Hot Shots Tennis Canterbury's policy is in order to list an event is that we need at least event name, date(s), venue, person behind it and a contact email or phone number. The more info the better of course and the red/orange colour format(s) as well as time(s) of day are recommended with any additional description. We also recommend that full posters are prepared and loaded into the calendar and systems to submit entries shown four weeks prior to the event.

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