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Ready for a fun workout?

Cardio Tennis is the high energy highlight of your week!  It’s a fun, social, group tennis-fitness programme for all ages and abilities - even non-tennis players! Cardio Tennis combines fitness devices, music, and a variety of equipment to deliver the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout.


Each workout compromises of a warm-up, cardio segment (drills and play based) and a cool down. Women can burn up to 500 calories and men up to 800 in a 60-minute session!


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Are you sick of your boring exercise routine? Forget the treadmill, forget the exercise bike – live in the moment and have fun with your friends working out at Cardio Tennis.

Cardio Tennis is a great way to widen your social circle while getting your heart pumping and improving your fitness.


Join the thousands of New Zealanders and Australians who have turned their fitness regime into a social, fun and energising workout.


You'll love Cardio Tennis whether you're a tennis player or not, so why not give it a try?

Benefits of Cardio Tennis

Whether you’ve never played tennis, or you’re a regular player, you’ll find plenty of reward from a Cardio Tennis session:

  • Get fitter while you get better

  • Fitness devices track your progress and help shape your sessions

  • Workout with your friends in a non-threatening environment where ability doesn't matter!

  • Enjoy the beat and workout to the music which keeps you motivated and keeps you moving.

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