Tennis Hot Shots is the national starter tennis programme for New Zealand children. With almost 200 venues nationwide, it's easy to start playing! Tennis Hot Shots is just for kids.  Smaller courts, shorter racquets and softer balls mean that kids can play a proper game of tennis from the moment they step on court.


Serve, Rally, Score


Serving, rallying and scoring is made easy because of the smaller courts, slower balls and shorter racquets. THS sessions are made up of tactical, technical, fun and social elements which create developmental readiness in children.


Kids move through stages that suit their age and stage of development. As players improve, the balls get a bit bouncier, the racquets a bit longer and the court a bit bigger. With THS it's not a race to the yellow ball and both new players and competent ones will develop all the tactical, technical, mental and physical skills required for tennis whilst progressing through the stages of the programme.

Canterbury Schools and Hot Shots

Lots of children experience tennis for the very first time at school through the Tennis Hot Shots Schools component. To get tennis into your school, to find out more about the costs, scheduling and availability of the programme, contact Anthoine De Heer / 027 707 711 / anthonie@canterburytennis.co.nz.

Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments

Competing is at the heart of sport, including tennis. The vast majority of young players aspire to improve their game and compete in appropriate surroundings.

Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments align with the philosophy and development stages of the Hot Shots programme. Catering for children aged 5-12 in the red, orange and green stages of the programme, they use smaller courts, shorter racquets and super hittable balls which means kids can play and enjoy tennis from their first try.

A child having a great competitive experience relevant to their age and standard, at their local club or centre, is the cornerstone of having them fall in love with the sport and therefore become lifelong participants.

Talk with your club/coach about how your young player can participate.